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Dominate Black Friday

Are you going to brave the crowds on Black Friday to snag some deals?
Here’s what I suggest you wear to prepare yourself for retail battle:
Black Friday Domiation outfit

Converse high tops | Hudson jeans | Wonder Woman t-shirt | Michael Kors leather jacket
Prism backpack |
Highlight of the Show wrist cuff | Gold stud earringsWristwatch
Headband |  | Mighty Mug travel mug
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DIY Cookie Party Wreath

DIY Cookie Party Wreath

I hosted an OREO Cookie Ball decorating party the other day, and wanted to have something to decorate my front door, to help set the mood before my guests got in the front door, so I made this simple “wreath” inspired by the classic OREO cookie.


Cookie Party Wreath supplies12″ Cardboard Cake Circles (2) | 10″ Styrofoam Round | Wooden letters spelling YUM | White Glue
Red acrylic paint | Brown acrylic paint | Red glitter | 25′ Decorative ribbon | Short sewing pins (1″)

Paint letters Cookie Party wreathPaint the non-white side of the cake circles brown, and paint the letters red.

After paint dries, apply a thin layer of white glue to letters to adhere glitter.

Once the brown circles have dried, use a black marker to add the textured design to the front of the cookie:

Cookie Wreath DesignIt’s just meant to be a suggestion of a cookie; no need to get out the compass or the protractor. :)

For reference:

White - #OreoCookieBall #adYou only need to do the design on one of the circles… using the white glue, attach the styrofoam round to the front of the blank brown circle, then put the cookie design one on top of that. LOTS of glue.

This will give you your sandwich look for the wreath.

Next, cut the ribbon into 6″ strips. Length isn’t super important, again, no need to get out the ruler!

Once the glue has dried, pin the ribbon in loops to the back of the wreath. Make sure your pins go into the styrofoam and not just through the cardboard.

Cookie wreath layeredGlue the letters onto the front, and add a bow as a finishing touch.

A quick and simple door decoration that’s sure to welcome your cookie loving guests.

cookie wreath wordCookie Wreath Finished

Let’s party with OREO Cookie Balls!

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #OREOCookieBalls #CollectiveBias

#OreoCookieBall decorating party #adI make lots of goodies during the holidays, and love sharing the goodies I make with my friends and family. This year, I decided to invite some friends to join me for a get together at my house, and instead of a traditional cookie decorating party, we had a Girls Night In where we decorated my newest sweet obsession, OREO Cookie Balls.

Because OREO Cookie Balls are so simple to prepare, I was able to do lots of the prep on my own before my guests arrived, so once they got here, we could just concentrate on spending time together and working on a little friendly competition when it came to decorating our OREO Cookie Balls.

Because I didn’t want my guests to spend a bunch of time sitting around waiting for cookie balls to firm up in the freezer, I made the un-coated balls myself the morning of the party.

I had stocked up on packs of OREOs and the needed cream cheese earlier in the week, at Walmart. I also picked up some new seasonal decorations to go with my existing sprinkles collections (It’s a sickness) and everything was ready to go when I was ready to start setting up for the party.

Have you bought OREOs lately? The number of flavor options is almost overwhelming! Peanut butter, mint, golden, birthday cake… I can just imagine the amazing combinations of flavors you could make for your cookie balls!

Instore - #OreoCookieBall #adFor my party, though, I stuck to the classic OREO Cookie Ball recipe; our focus would be on decorating to make our mark on the finished product.

OREO Cookie Balls
Recipe type: Dessert
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 48 balls
The official OREO Cookie Ball recipe
  • 1 pkg (8 oz.) brick cream cheese, softened
  • 36 OREO Cookies, finely crushed (about 3 cups)
  • 4 pkg. (4 oz. each) semi-sweet baking chocolate, melted
  1. MIX cream cheese and cookie crumbs until blended.
  2. SHAPE into 48 (1-inch) balls.
  3. Freeze 10 min.
  4. Dip balls in melted chocolate; place in single layer in shallow waxed paper-lined pan.
  5. CUSTOMIZE it with your own ingredient additions or decorative skills.
  6. REFRIGERATE 1 hour or until firm.
  7. Share and enjoy!

Cookie Ball PrintableParty Prep

For our party, in addition to regular melted chocolate, I also picked up a selection of candy melts, so I had more than just brown coating for the balls; I chose to have red, green, and white for our holiday-themed party, but you could use any color you choose for your own!

I wanted to have more than just a selection of sprinkles for decoration, so I also had the options to make snowmen, Thanksgiving turkeys, and Christmas tree ornaments. To simplify these instructions and demonstrate them to my guests, I created a printout for them to use, and that they could take home. Click here to download the sheet for yourself: OREO Cookie Ball printable

I wanted to make our house look welcoming for our guests, so I made this cookie party wreath (click for tutorial) to hang on our front door:

Cookie Wreath - #OreoCookieBall #adIn setting out everything, I was concerned about people having access to melted chocolate at the same time, so I set a couple of burners out on the main work table, and set all of the decoration options along a separate table, to leave space for people to move around as they worked.

Decor Table Flyer- #OreoCookieBall #adSprinkles- #OreoCookieBall #adOnce everyone arrived, no one wasted any time jumping into their work…

Group 2- #OreoCookieBall #adBrandi Ayva- #OreoCookieBall #adI loved seeing my friends just kick back and have a little messy fun; we had delicious drinks and snacks, and of course, did lots of sampling of our projects. ;)

Full plate- #OreoCookieBall #ad

Kim snowman- #OreoCookieBall #adI had calculated that I’d be able to send each guest home with about 15 cookie balls; rather than just send them home with a plastic wrap covered paper plate, I stopped at a couple of thrift stores and was able to pick up some great cookie tins for less than $1 apiece; I know that I always appreciate having a tin like that available to transport goodies at this time of year, so it was the perfect solution as a party favor for my guests to get their goodies home.

Full tin 1- #OreoCookieBall #ad Full tin 2- #OreoCookieBall #ad

We had a fantastic time, and even as they were leaving, my guests were brainstorming other flavor combinations they want to try (Golden OREOs and strawberry cream cheese, anyone?) and I know for sure that OREO Cookie Balls will be a new holiday staple in our house.

Classic - #OreoCookieBall #adWant more OREO Cookie Ball in your life? Check out for recipes and decorating ideas, and join the OREO Cookie Ball Pinterest party on Saturday, Dec. 6 at 12pm ET.

Kicking off holiday magic with Northpole by Hallmark

cbias disclosure#NorthpoleFun #CollectiveBias
Kids on Couch - #NorthpoleFun #Shop

I love this time of year. Even though I grew up without a lot of family nearby (it was just the four of us) I’ve always loved the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Once my sister and I had kids, our family gatherings got exponentially crazier, and I love them that much more… we have lots of family traditions, bu we’re always looking for new ways to make memories together as a family. The new Northpole by Hallmark line gave me just the excuse to have a little holiday kick-off fun with Max and my nieces, to get us all into the holiday state of mind.

I’d been hearing about the Hallmark movie and product line for a while, but hadn’t seen it in person until I went to Walmart recently; the entire range is completely adorable. I picked up a copy of the “Once Upon a Northpole Christmas” book, two “Find Me Santa snowflakes” (one for us, one for the girls) and a fun little beanbag toss game where you’re throwing gifts into a chimney.

Northpole Instore Walmart - #NorthpoleFun #ShopI was overwhelmed by the cuteness of it all, and will be back when I’m in gift wrapping mode; their papers are fantastic and just my style. They even have greeting cards and home decor, all tied into the Northpole theme.

Book cover closeup - #NorthpoleFun #ShopWhile Max and Faith read out loud to the little ones, I assembled the Rooftop Drop game so we could play it together. It’s cute, and even Lydia managed to score a couple of points! For little ones, I love that they still get “points” for landing on the roof, not just in the chimney itself. I feel like it’s a little less frustrating that way!

Lydie Gift Toss Game - #NorthpoleFun #ShopMax Gift Toss Game - #NorthpoleFun #ShopEveryone took at turn at the game, and I’m sure it’ll end up being played at all of our holiday gatherings this year. The Northpole line a has several games like this to choose from; it could be fun to do a whole game night with all holiday-themed games!

The last thing we did was give the kids their “Find Me Santa snowflake” ornaments. I *love* Christmas ornaments, and we end up buying a couple for Max every year. This one is cool! On Christmas Eve, at bedtime, have your child press the button to light it up. It will remain lit for four hours, giving Santa lots of time to find them while they snooze. It’s a substantial size, and feels really well made, so I look forward to it being on our tree for a long time to come.

The snowflake includes a sticker to write the child’s name on and put it on the snowflake, so that Santa is sure to know where he is. (Side note: I’m actually going to have Max write his own name on his, because I am constantly trying to get him to write on things I can keep, his handwriting changes so quickly these days, as he gets better and better at it!)

And of course, we immediately ran into the closet so we could test out the glowing-ness of the glow!

A video posted by Lizz Porter (@lizz_porter) on

Magic Snowflake 1 - #NorthpoleFun #Shop

Hallmark has done a great job with putting the Northpole line together; this video gives you a little tour of the town:

Our little Saturday afternoon Northpole playdate was a great way for us to get into the holiday spirit; I was even motivated to go home and do a little Christmas shopping that afternoon! And I already know I’m going back to Walmart to pick up some of the Northpole wrapping supplies.

What is your family’s favorite part of the holiday season kicking off?

Homebuilt Teardrop Trailer 6: Exterior Wood Skin & Sealant

Part-6-Homebuilt-Teardrop-Trailer-Build-JournalThis post is part of a series documenting our homebuilt teardrop trailer. Please scroll to the bottom of this post for links to previous articles.

The discussion about how to finish the outside of the trailer was a thing” for a while… basically, what it came down to was this: Wood = Less money up front, but more maintenance long term. Aluminum = More money now, but next to no maintenance for years and years.

We decided to make the investment now and make it easier down the road.

I was shocked at how quickly this part all happened; it was basically one weekend.

We bought 1/8″ marine plywood, to help with the long term-ness of the skin. (Again, more money up front, but less in the long run. The 4′x8′ sheets were about $40 each; non-marine of similar material would be closer to $10. Your prices may vary)

07 teardrop trailer wood skin sealant

The exterior skinning was pretty straightforward; flat is easy.

Skinning around the curve of the front presented a different set of challenges, but it was nothing that some straps and heavy duty glue couldn’t help!

06 teardrop trailer wood skin straps

05 teardrop trailer wood skin curve

04 teardrop trailer wood skin curve straps

03 teardrop trailer wood skin curve

02 teardrop trailer wood skin curve

Once it was set for a bit, Jamie trimmed off the excess, and voila! The shape was done.

A few coats of spar varnish for added protection against the elements, and then its ready for final aluminum skin!

08 teardrop trailer wood skin sealant

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Homebuilt Teardrop Trailer 5: Interior Ceiling & Fan

Part-5-Homebuilt-Teardrop-Trailer-Build-JournalThis is post number 5 in a series about our homebuilt teardrop trailer. Please scroll to the bottom of this post for links to previous posts.

Once Jamie started talking about paint colors, I started to get a better feeling about the size of the trailer. I had been able to better visualize the finished product once we had walls up, but when he started fitting the ceiling is where I started to get really excited about the whole project. (Finally!)

The ceiling, which curves around to become the front wall/headboard, is 1/8″ 5′x’5′ birch plywood. We didn’t get prefinished for this part, because we knew we wanted to paint it, as a chance to bring in some color to the design.

I chose a pretty sky blue for it, neutral enough to go with lots of things, but also with a nod to the teal and turquoise that was so popular during the 1950s of our inspiration.

01 teardrop trailer fitting roof

04 teardrop trailer ceiling

The ceiling is 5′x5′ plywood, which put a seam partway up, near the top of the curve. (You can see it in the center of the photo below) Rather than try to hide it with spackle or anything, we trimmed it with a piece of contrasting wood; it’s a scrap of cherry Jamie had lying around, and it’s the same material he had to trim around the ceiling fan as well.06 teardrop trailer ceiling

The ventilation fan is important for a number of reasons; for me, number one is that these two dudes I love so very much can get a little *ahem* ripe. But also, once the doors are installed, the trailer is airtight, and we could easily run out of air and that’s no good. We chose one that would allow us to have good air circulation, and that was highly rated when we looked on Amazon. It may be overkill considering the size of the trailer, but air circulation is something I’d rather have too much of than not enough!03 teardrop trailer ceiling

02 teardrop trailer fitting ceiling fan

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