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Max’s Fourth Year

Thankful for the YouTube vortex

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It's the month of giving thanks, and lots of people are doing so by posting their daily gratefulness on social media. (Don't want to do that? Download my "Today I'm Thankful" picture frame template! :)) So anyway, unrelated to that, I was on YouTube the other day, uploading the silly Star Wars video Max and [...]

Happy Birthday, Kiddo

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Max will turn 4 in about 3 hours. I don't have it in me to write a sentimental after-bedtime post like I did last year. I'll be posting a few things this week, leading up to his party this weekend, so instead I'll share some of his birthday portraits. His birthday party this year is [...]

Thursday #209

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It's the last Thursday of Max's 4th year... I think I can legitimately put it on my resume now, "Not afraid of committing long-term to a project; took more than 400 consecutive weekly photos of her adorable son, Max." So here's what we've got this week: Oh well. They can't all be winners!

Thursday #202

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Of course, in true Max fashion, I ask him where he'd like to take his first Thursday picture in the new house, and he chooses the hallway. Super exciting, people! Also, this is the BEST of the 20 or so shots he let me snap before running off, so grandmas, this is the best I [...]