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Max’s Fourth Year

Thursday #201

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Our last Thursday in the house where we've lived for all the previous 200 weeks... but at least here you can see how he *really* feels about the move. Also, the last photo with the crib in it! This weekend, it goes to a new home, for a new kiddo to sleep in! Tune in [...]

Consequences Suck

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As Max gets closer to 4, his terrible twos and traumatic threes have joined forces to come on in full force. In the last few months, he's thrown his first mall tantrum (you know the one, belly on floor in the middle of the food court, feet and fists flailing. I wouldn't let him have [...]

Thursday #193

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There are currently only 2 gifts under our tree; the one from Max to me, and this one, which has Max's name on it, and he simply cannot leave it alone! He was so thrilled to see this gift under the tree for him, that Jamie and I decided not to put any more out [...]