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Easy Berry Blue Meringue Cookies

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Sometimes I get ideas. And sometimes they work, and sometimes they don’t.
Happily, this idea worked out really well!

I’ve long loved those meringue cookies, also called “Forgotten Cookies” or “Cloud Cookies” or whatever. The premise is simple enough; an egg-white base, baked for a long time at a low temp.

I thought making something blue would be fun for the 4th, and what better to make things blue than Jell-O? As a bonus, because I used a calorie-free sweetener, these little cookies are only *about* 15 calories apiece, if you care about such things. I tried making them a while ago with a different artificial sweetener and they were terrible; I met the In the Raw people at Mom 2.0 Summit recently, and was excited to give the Monkfruit in the Raw a try in baking. (This is not sponsored in any way; I did get this bag of Monkfruit in the Raw as sample though.)

Anyway, on to the recipe!
berry blue meringue cookies with jello

    Easy Berry Blue Meringue Cookies

  • 4 egg whites
  • 1 cup Monk Fruit in the Raw
  • 1 box Jell-O (4.5 oz. size)
  • 1/2 tsp. Cream of Tartar

berry blue meringue ingredients

Whip the egg whites until stiff peaks form.
Gradually add in remaining ingredients in order: sweetener, cream of tartar, Jell-O
Mix well while adding all dry ingredients

I used a frosting bag to pipe my cookies onto the sheet, but you could also do dropped spoonfuls.
Line cookie sheet with parchment paper and place batter onto sheet.
You don’t need to leave space between them, since they won’t expand, but be careful about them touching!
berry blue meringue batchBake for three hours at the lowest setting in your oven. (Mine goes down to 175 degrees)
When the time is over, turn off the oven but leave the cookies inside.
I let them sit overnight just to be safe… they should peel easily off the parchment when fully done.


berry blue meringue up close

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May June 30, 2014, 8:15 am

I love this idea! I may make them for Friday and add some with red jello too – hmmm how to make the white ones??

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