Am I a Funny Girl?

Common Questions

Just how tall are you?
If I’m standing up straight and barefoot, six feet zero. Realistically, with my poor posture, I’m more like 5’10.5″. And yes, I wear heels.

Do you accept guest posts?
Yes, I’d love to! If you have an idea of what you’d like to write, please send me an email so we can chat more!

Would you like to guest post for me?
Probably! I’m always looking for other bloggers to work with… again, drop me an email or hit me up on Twitter so we can talk more.

Will you do a review of my product?
Possibly. I also ask that you provide a giveaway for my readers; I don’t want to just throw your product at them without giving them something for their time, or at least a chance to get something! Please email me for more information.

Can I give you a million dollars?

What’s the best way to reach you?
Email or Twitter, since I check both pretty constantly. (Don’t we all?)

Who designed your site?
I did it, all by myself… with a little help from my friends… but all visual design is by me.

Are you available for hire?
Yes, I’m always thrilled to take on new freelance clients! I’m available for design work, or social media consulting and training. Please email me so we can talk about your specific project needs and I can put together a price quote for you!

Why didn’t you answer my question?
Because I didn’t hear you ask it! Hit me up on Twitter, Facebook or email if you think I’m missing a question from here!