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I get to #BrewItUp for my birthday! Iced Coffee sounds lovely, thanks! #BrewOverIce

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cbias shop disclosure june2014brewoverice keurig k40 eliteMy sister got a Keurig back when they first hit shelves, a couple of years ago, and I was totally and completely jealous. A fresh cup of coffee whenever I wanted, without having to deal with brewing a whole pot? I’m SO in. In the years since she got hers, I’ve eyeballed them every time I’ve gone to the mall or Walmart, or seen my friends talking about them, but I’ve never actually gotten one. Now that they offer such an amazing array of #BrewOverIce options, I nearly went crazy when I found out that #CollectiveBias and the Keurig Walmart team were going to send me a Keurig K40 Elite brewer of my own, just in time for my birthday!

It gets HOT here in the summer, but we’re also crazy busy with summer camps and work, conferences and camping trips, parties and oh! Did I mention my birthday is July 4th? It totally is. And what to better grab a moment to relax than with a fresh made cool beverage?

With Keurig and Brew Over Ice Kcups, you can skip all the waiting and get straight to the delish, in just moments. The Donut Shop “Sweet & Creamy” iced coffee doesn’t even need anything added to it! It’s ready to go from the moment it comes out of the machine.Keurig BrewOverIce KcupsJamie has been working hard in the garage on weekends, building a teardrop camping trailer for us, and I was able to surprise him with a cup of iced coffee, just the way he likes it, just moments after I offered it to him. So easy.

Keurig BrewOverIce JamieAnd me? While I love iced coffee, I’m also overwhelmed by all the non-coffee options that are now available for cold drinks! I got a delicious Strawberry-Pomegranate “Vitamin Burst” drink, and when I topped it with a little whipped cream, Max was convinced I’d given him the greatest treat ever, and I have to admit I enjoyed it, too… it reminded me of a fancy cafe italian soda.

Keurig BrewOverIce Lizz sipping

There are so many K-cup options at Walmart, I feel like I need to start a list and just work my way down until I’ve tried them all. Snapple, Sweet Tea, lots of varieties of iced coffee… the possibilities are endless!

What’s your favorite thing to #BrewOverIce? What do I need to try?

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Alicia Gonzalez June 23, 2014, 2:03 pm

That looks delicious, Liz! Congrats and early Happy Birthday! I made the same drink for Pedro. Somehow, he now thinks this is “his” machine! lol Are you having the same problem with Max? Alicia

Jenna Wood June 24, 2014, 1:07 pm

Congrats on the new Keurig, the Snapple Brew Over Ice range is my favorite, but the other half loves the Donut Shoppe Iced Coffee! #Client

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