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Happy Birthday, Kiddo

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Max will turn 4 in about 3 hours. I don’t have it in me to write a sentimental after-bedtime post like I did last year. I’ll be posting a few things this week, leading up to his party this weekend, so instead I’ll share some of his birthday portraits.
His birthday party this year is a construction theme, per his request, so we went all out for his pictures!
I was so thrilled to find this random piece of heavy equipment parked by the side of the road, in a lovely grassy field and everything, so it was the perfect location for his shots!

Happy Birthday, Peanut. I love you more than ever!

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Jane April 16, 2012

I really like the one of him sitting on the tool box, he is getting so grown up.

sabline April 17, 2012

These are great! My Favorite is the one of him walking away holding his lunch and tool box! Classic.

Kir April 23, 2012

his smile is seriously one of my favorite things in the world. I love just seeing him be so happy and growing up so much this past year. It’s amazing, isn’t it?? That our sons are 4??? WOW!

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