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Apple Pie Cookies a la Mode: the perfect dessert with Marie Callender’s Pot Pies!

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Pot pie ice cream cookie box #EasyAsPotPie #adWe are so busy. Not by choice, but because Jamie and I both work for tech-related companies, along with the holidays, we have to prep for the huge CES show in Vegas right after New Year’s. Thankfully, Marie Callender’s pot pies make it easy to put together a delicious dinner with very little effort, and just a little bit of time.
Pot pies are one of the favorite comfort foods, and Marie Callender’s are my favorite brand if I’m not making one from scratch (which basically never happens) I love the flavorful gravy and all white-meat chicken, but what really wins it for me is that crust. Because YUM.
Now here’s the cool thing; when it only takes me 5 minutes to prep dinner? I have time to make a special dessert to go with it! Total mom win.
Because the crust is our favorite part, I love to make pie crust cookies, and they are so quick and easy, you’ll start inventing reasons to make them. Because the thing is, I totally use frozen store-bought pie crust. I buy the rolled kind in the freezer section. Cheater cheater but shhhh! don’t tell! I can grab everything I need at Walmart, while I’m getting the pot pies that we’ll be eating too.

Pot pie instore #EasyAsPotPie #adPie Crust Cookies #EasyAsPotPie #ad

4.7 from 6 reviews
Apple Butter Pie Crust Cookies
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
  • 1 pkg. Frozen pie crust (rolled)
  • Apple Butter
  • 1 egg
  • Splash of milk
  • Turbinado sugar
  1. Preheat over to 350
  2. Unroll pie crust and use cookie cutter to cut shapes as desired.
  3. Spread approximately 1 teaspoon of apple butter on half the crust pieces.
  4. Lay 2nd crust on top to line up and cover filling
  5. Use a fork to gently crimp the edges together
  6. Use a sharp knife to cut a small slit in top of cookie
  7. Whisk egg with a splash milk to make egg wash
  8. Brush cookies with egg wash, sprinkle sugar over all
  9. Bake on parchment paper covered sheet until golden brown

apple pie cookies stack #EasyAsPotPie #adNow the cookies are delicious, both warm and once they’ve been allowed to cool, but do you want to know what takes them to the next level? Serving them a la mode! Jamie picked up a little ice cream maker at an antiques fair over the summer, so we’re always looking for excuses to make ice cream. The perfect flavor to go with our apple cookies? Cinnamon of course!

Ice cream and cookie #EasyAsPotPie #ad

This is delicious ice cream for anyone who loves that cozy familiar taste of cinnamon, and I’ve actually now found an ice cream flavor I can eat when it’s cold outside! The flavor is amazing with the apple in the cookie and makes for the perfect finish to a heart and belly-warming meal like a Marie Callender’s pot pie.

Homemade cinnamon ice cream #EasyAsPotPie #ad

4.7 from 6 reviews
Cinnamon Ice Cream
  • 1 cup white sugar
  • 2¼ cups half-and-half
  • 2 eggs, beaten
  • ¼ cup heavy cream
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract
  • 2 tsp. ground cinnamon
  1. In a saucepan over medium heat, mix sugar and 1½ cups half-and-half.
  2. Once it starts to simmer, remove from heat.
  3. Slowly add a portion (about ½) of the milk mixture to the beaten eggs to temper it and keep the eggs from cooking.
  4. Pour egg mixture back into saucepan, add ¼ cup heavy cream and remaining half-and-half to pan.
  5. Keep cooking over medium heat until it thickened.
  6. Remove from heat, stir in vanilla and cinnamon.
  7. Set aside to cool.
  8. Make ice cream according to ice cream maker's instructions

How pretty is this, with the flecks of spice in there? I have two kinds of cinnamon in my spice cabinet; the giant bottle I buy so Max can have cinnamon sugar on his oatmeal, and then the good stuff, that I save for special occasions. Homemade cinnamon ice cream is totally a special occasion.

ice cream close up #EasyAsPotPie #ad

We often make ice cream on the weekends, because it takes a bit of time and the texture impoves a bit if the ice cream has some time to freeze up. But not counting the ice cream making time, my hands on working time to make Marie Callender’s pot pies for dinner with Apple Pie cookies for dessert is less than 15 minutes, which leaves me less time in the kitchen, and more time with Max and Jamie. Because isn’t that what really matters?
Ice cream cookie with pie bkgd #EasyAsPotPie #ad
Want more information about Marie Callender’s pot pies, and more recipes to go with them? Check out for info about the products, and for more recipes!

4 convos to have before your kid starts playing portable Minecraft

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Some suggested conversations to have with your child before they start playing Minecraft. #Gameonthego with Gameband for Minecraft #ad

#Gameonthego Me with arrows Minecraft #13If you’re the parent of a child of a certain age, you’ve probably heard of Minecraft. (That “certain age,” by the way, is anything between about 3 and 23) I’m excited to tell you a cool new gadget that gives you portable Minecraft, the Gameband, but first, I want to address a few conversations you should have with your child before you give them access to the magical world of fun (and learning!) that is Minecraft.

I’ve been playing for almost a year now  with a group of friends. (Feel free to admire and laugh at this photo of my arrow-riddled self, after a run-in with a skeleton) We call ourselves #Momcraft because we’re nerdy like that. Max loves watching me play, and giving me “helpful tips,” but he is just now venturing into his own account, with his own worlds to explore. Before I gave him free reign over my hand-me-down laptop and a Minecraft account with which to play, we wanted to sit down and go over a few things with him first.

Consider this a primer for a parent who is preparing to send their child into the world of Minecraft, with some tips and suggestions on discussions to have before they spawn in for the first time.

1. First things first, what IS Minecraft? What are the different play modes, and which will you allow your child to play?
What is it? My friend Susan calls Minecraft “the Oregon Trail of this generation” and I think she’s on to something. Much like folks our age would go on these virtual cross-country treks towards the West Coast, Minecrafters are embarking on treks of their own. They are going on adventures, discovering new worlds, building and expressing their creativity, even building train systems and circuits and so much cool stuff! The potential for what Minecraft can do is limitless.
#Gameonthego #ad Minecraft launch screenThere are two “modes,” Creative and Survival… Creative mode is like having unlimited digital blocks to build with; you can just build and explore and it’s fun. Survival mode is where you need to find plants and animals as food, chop down trees for wood, and go mining for stone.

While it’s a blocky, 8-bit world, that doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful. As days pass, the sun rises and sets, and there’s something really calming about watching pixelated clouds glow in a pixelated sunset.

#Gameonthego Minecraft iron golem sunset #ad

There are different types of worlds (biomes) such as deserts, jungles, and tundras. Each one has its own characteristics and things to explore. You can let the game randomly place you into a world, or there are ways to land in specific ones. There are people who have built entire worlds that they then make available for others to explore.  (The Gameband actually comes preloaded with several worlds, from renowned designers SethBling, Hypixel, and Dragnoz. So cool!)
#Gameonthego Preload Companies #ad

2. Personal information protection: This is really only a concern if your child will be playing on outside servers, where he or she will encounter real people inside the game, but it’s something that cannot be emphasized enough. Do not set up your account using your child’s real name (We generally use a Star Wars character for Max when he needs a handle for something; he won’t forget it, but it isn’t identifiable), and impress on them the importance on not sharing things about themselves. It’s fine to say “We have a dog named Mocha,” but to inform online strangers where they live, go to school, or spend time is too risky and cannot be stressed enough.

3. Don’t get too invested in virtual products: This is something we’ve practiced with Max for a long time, but again, it never hurts to have a reminder. When he was about 2, he would be allowed to play on my mom’s iPad when he was at their house. It got to the point that he would start crying when we left their house. Not because he missed my parents (who live 20 miles from us) but because he missed the iPad. That was a clue to us that the iPad had become too important to Max, and he needed a break. Similar things apply here; you can work really hard to get the coolest stuff in Minecraft. Exchanted weapons and armor, diamonds and glowstone, you can brew potions and breed animals, you can have pets and farms and… all sorts of cool stuff. But you need to remind them that none of that stuff is actually “stuff,” and it isn’t worth crying real tears over. If you’re playing an outside server and someone comes in steals all your stuff and wrecks your house because they’re jerks? It’s called “griefing” and it stinks, but it’s one of the risks of playing in a virtual world.

I also want to let you in on another cool feature of the Gameband here; it backs up your worlds, including all of the stuff you accumulate, twice. Your info is saved on both the Gameband itself, and to Gameband’s secure cloud-based servers, so you’re extra protected if anything happens. If something ever happens with your Gameband, you’ll want to reach out to Now Computing, who actually makes the band. They are affiliated with Minecraft, and will be your resource for all things Gameband-related.

#Gameonthego #ad Gameband close up

4. Expectations; right vs. privilege: I know this is a “duh” for parents, but it needs to be stated clearly so that there’s no question. When you confiscate their beloved Gameband so they can’t play until homework is done? Set those expectations out ahead of time. Make agreements on time limits, world access (see #1), when and where they can play (especially if they’re playing on a mobile device!)

For us, this is where the amazing Gameband comes in. Players can now “Minecraft on the go”; using any machine with a USB port that’s running Windows, Apple OS, or Linux. Gameband is the first Minecraft wearable and it’s AWESOME. I picked up our Gameband at GameStop; I had to ask at the counter for ours, because they’ve been flying off the shelves this holiday, and they keep them behind the counter. You can also order on the Gameband website.

#GameontheGo #ad Game Stop Storefront

The Gameband is a great tool for introducing Max to his own Minecraft account because I really appreciate having the physical item I can hand over when it’s an acceptable time for him to play; it makes it more special for him, to have a special tool he needs to access his worlds. The fact that it’s so cool looking certainly doesn’t hurt!

The Gameband allows Max to take his worlds with him; I can just picture him introducing my dad to Minecraft the next time he spends the night over there… it’s right up his alley, as well.

Because the Gameband is geared towards kids and teens, they added some really important features in; the band itself is made of tough TPU silicon, the MLC drive technology has 10x lifecycle of standard drives, it includes USB3.0 support, and features a hand-painted Redstone Ore clasp.

#Gameonthego #ad Gameband clasp

If that isn’t enough awesomeness, it also includes something called PixelFurnace, which allows you to create customized displays on the 140 LED array. The website also has a selection of animations, so that you can, in the words of Gameband, “Hack Your Band” and truly make it your own. It didn’t take long for Max and I to get him sorted out so he could make his own animations for his Gameband…
#Gameonthego Gameband Pixelburn screen

#Gameonthego #ad Custom LEDs Gameband

Is there a kid in your life that would love access to portable Minecraft? Who would love to be able to #GameOnTheGo? The Gameband is the perfect solution for those who want to share their Minecraft love with others.

You can connect with Gameband on their website, Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Wearables are the future of tech, and this is a great place to start!

#Gameonthego #ad Gameband product shot

Smarter gifts mean a smarter you! Gift smart this holiday!

radio shack compensated disclosureOur world is overrun with “smart” things… we have smart cars, smart light switches, smart appliances and smart televisions.
It seems like everything around us is getting more intelligent, and that’s only going to grow as this “Internet of Things” becomes more inclusive and commonplace… but what does it mean to “gift smart”?

But how about gifts that make US smarter?

Give the gift of knowledge; my absolute favorites are teaching gifts.

Gift Smart Radio Shack Robot 4I love a giving gifts that improve the recipient’s life; that’s open to a whole lot of interpretation, but . It *can* be something as simple as a book that teaches them a skill, or it can be something more… like a robotics kit that allows the recipient to build a ROBOT!

Gift Smart Radio Shack Robot 1  Gift Smart Radio Shack Robot 3

Jamie and I are always looking for fun projects to work on, both as a family as for Max to do on his own… I love the Robotics Starter Kit we received from Radio Shack, and we loved building it together, and are looking at some of the add-on kits that are available to customize our bot even more.

This was a great project for us as a family, but there are some great learning toys for all ages as well; Roominate sets allows children to build and wire their own little projects, and littleBits are excellent introductions to Arduino coding, and perfect for an aspiring tinkerer or maker.

Give the gift of a new point of view; see the world in a different way.

My dad has been into model helicopters for a while now, and we are all in love with this little surveryor drone! It’s a fun little toy to take to the park, and RC flight devices help develop hand/eye coordination and spatial skills.

Max is pretty much obsessed with the camera capabilites on this little guy. And I do mean little! It nearly fits in the palm of his hand!
Gift Smart Radio Shack Drone 1It was fun to take the family out to the park for the afternoon, with a little running around and a little flying around… in this world that can get so overwhelmed with screens and online life (Irony of reading this online is totally acknowledged), having something like this that gives us a reason to get outside together is truly a gift. (And the picture of my dad in his ridiculous Santa hat is just a bonus. You’re welcome. ;) ) Gift Smart Drone Flying Gift Smart Pap Flying

Your #GiftSmart Headquarters

RadioShack makes it easy to find great gifts that people will love. More than just the geeky wire and battery store you may remember from years past, it’s the perfect place to find great, techy gifts for the people you love. Their carefully curated selections are sure to be a hit with everyone on your list. From Beats headphones to a must-have selfie stick, it’s a great place for all things techy.

Even Weird Al thinks so!

How will you gift smart this holiday season?

Building new traditions with LEGO and our minifigure family

We have lots of fun family traditions in our family, some that I brought, some from Jamie. New pajamas that you unwrap on Christmas Eve, leaving gifts in stockings unwrapped, and a toothbrush in the stocking are from my childhood; Jamie’s silver dollar and an orange in the toe of everyone’s stockings, that’s something that Jamie has always done.

But we haven’t had many traditions that we started ourselves. We have come up with things of course, since this is our 12th Christmas together… Jamie and I used to watch Die Hard together while we decorated the Christmas tree; we’ve moved it to after Max goes to bed on Christmas Eve, but it’s still something we do together.
Our friends throw a fun Christmas party every year, with a huge, crazy gift exchange. They’ve hosted the party for 10+ years, but we realized last year that it’s something we’ve done every Christmas with Max, so it’s a vital part of *his* Christmas traditions.

We started a new tradition this year, and it’s so perfectly us.


When we were at Legoland last spring for Max’s birthday, I couldn’t resist buying myself the Winter Village set as my souvenir from the trip. I set it aside, because I’m a grown-up, and we decided to keep it until Christmas, and to build it together. LEGO is one of those things that we really hope Max doesn’t outgrow, or at least not for a long, long time. We love building and playing LEGO together; it’s one of the few toys where I’ll suggest it, and get down on the floor with him. While his pre-LEGO ages were fun in their own ways, I love the creativity and fun that comes out of a good LEGO building session.

building family

We had a great time working together to build the whole set, as you can see, and we think it turned out pretty great:

Winter Village All

Winter Village Bench

 But wait! There’s more! </Billy Mays voice>

Why stop at just playing with LEGO when you can BE LEGO? LEGO has created a special website that allows you to create your own #MinifigureFamily!

How cool is that? There are lots of outfits and hairstyles, even pets and babies to include. Here’s what we look like as minifigs; even the cats are included! (Sorry, fish!)

Minifig Family Blog Size

The website makes it super easy to share your Minifigure family all over the place, you can save it to your computer and share it, or just use their hand buttons to email, Tweet, or Facebook it!

If you decide to make your own #MinifigureFamily, I’d love to see it! Post it on my blog’s Facebook page so we can see, and leave a comment to let me know!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Our ornament collection tells the story of our lives

christmas treeThis post is sponsored by Hallmark; I received an ornament, but no further compensation was received. All content and opinions are mine.
Decorating the Christmas tree is one of my favorite parts of the holiday season.
For the past seven years, we’ve gone out on our wedding anniversary, Dec. 10, to get our tree, and then we spend the evening decorating the tree and probably watch a silly Christmas movie together. After Max goes to bed, Jamie and I settle in to watch Die Hard, which was a Christmas tradition for us since the early days or our relationship.
I have lots of friends who put together gorgeous trees every year. They brainstorm their decor theme for months in advance, buying ornaments that match the theme, and then hanging each decoration just so on their lovingly chosen tree.
If our tree has a theme, it’s probably going to be something like, “Parents who grew up in the 80s with a kid born in the early 2000s,” and our ornaments are a reflection of our lives, both as individuals and as a family.
I love how our ornaments tell the story of us, and each year, we add an ornament or two to reflect an important part of the previous year.
Check at the end of this post for a sneak peek at Max’s 2014 ornament, and a chance to win a Hallmark Keepsake ornament of your own!
I’m going to give you a closer look at just a few of the ornaments on our tree, this year and every year…

And so I’ll start at the very beginning (a very good place to start!)

1977 baby's first christmasMy very own “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament! Interestingly, I posted it on Instagram a few days ago, and three different friends from all over the country said they have the same one! I guess Hallmark had fewer options back in the day, unlike all the choices they offer now! LOL

ugly cinderellaMy ugly Cinderella. I think she’s from 1982, when I was 5. It was the first year my mom let me choose my own ornament at a crafts fair at our church, and this is what I went with. Her other foot fell off sometime when I was in junior high, and her pipe cleaner hair and arms are showing their age, but I love her in all her terrible DIY glory.

bob denver
Bob Denver. Bob is a fixture in all of my childhood memories, I’m pretty sure my parents acquired him sometime in the 70s, even though my sister and I didn’t name him until the late 1990s. Now, he lives near the top of our tree, serenading our angel with his smooth folk ballads.

home reno
Another cute one from Hallmark. I bought this for Jamie in 2006, as we were finishing a huge kitchen remodel together.

world series

Three World Series championship ornaments. Need I say more? ;)

preschool ornament
A preschool craft project, it’s filled with plastic tinsel on the back.
In case you can’t read it: Dear Mommy & Daddy, I love you… I like the way my Mommy hugs me and
I really like when my Dad kiss me. Love, Max 2012

david blown glass
My brother-in-law is a talented glass blower, and a couple of years ago he gave us two ornaments. I love them both equally, this one just photographs better.

91 starsMax’s 2nd Christmas ornament, from 2009. I commissioned it from an artist I found on Etsy;
the ball contains 91 stars, one for each day he spent in the NICU when he was born.

And now, Max’s 2014 ornament…
hallmark keepsake harry potter

The Harry Potter Sorting Hat!

Like I said, we always try to get an ornament that represents the year. For Max, he has a Lightning McQueen Mickey ear ornament from when we went to Disneyland (and he was obsessed with Cars!), from last year, it’s an Angry Bird wearing a Santa hat.

This year, it’s Harry Potter. To be honest, it was a serious struggle to choose this one or the Darth Vader one, but I figure we have lots of years left for Star Wars obsession (and as I write this, I remember that I also purchased the LEGO Boba Fett… where did I put it!?!?)

But this is the year he has really discovered his love of reading, which thrills Jamie and I to no end. Partway through the third book right now, he is enthralled by all things Harry Potter, so it seemed like a fitting selection to represent 2014.

And now, because Hallmark is awesome, they’re going to give one of YOU a Hallmark Keepsake ornament from their 2014 collection! (Hallmark will select ornament to send, but I’m sure it’ll be awesome because Hallmark cares enough to send the very best)

Follow the instructions in the widget below to enter!
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Gift guide: Books with awesome authors

Wowsers, I have some talented friends!
One of the coolest things that blogging has brought me is the people… people from all over the world, from all walks of life, people I might never have known otherwise.
Among those amazing and talented folks are many, many authors.
For the holidays, I wanted to share just some of the incredible books my friends (and family!) have written.
There’s something here for everyone… take a look! (Just click on the book cover image to go to Amazon to purchase! Disclosure: These are affiliate links that allow me to make a few cents off your purchase, I appreciate it!)

Resources (aka: Books for Dummies)

Kelby Carr, of Type A Parent, has written TWO books about Pinterest, and Melanie Nelson wrote the first edition of Facebook All-in-One, and her DAUGHTER, Emily, co-authored this awesome Minecraft Construction book, which I think Max might need for Christmas… Deg Ng is one of my community manager idols, and has *literally* written the book on how to do it.

Books for Kiddos

My friend JC Little, aka The Animated Woman, has written and illustrated several sweet books. I reviewed The Last Snowman last winter, and the Picklewasel Picture Riddles book is her newest release. I love her illustration style and can’t get enough of her.


Not a subject that impacts *me* personally, but my amazing mother-in-law, Lucinda Porter, has written two books on the important topic of Hepatitis C. It is vital that everyone born between 1945-1965 is tested.

Make you giggle

I met Norine and Jessica from The Science of Parenthood this year, and liked them both imensely. Their new book, a compilation of parenting-related Tweets, is a fun little read. Charlie and Andy, the dads behind the fabulous How to Be a Dad, wrote and illustrated the hilarious “Guide to Baby Sleep Positions” You’ve probably seen them posted on Facebook before. Now you can own them on paper! Tracey Beckerman has two hilarious memoirs, and even though her life is nothing like mine (New York v. San Fraancisco, not so similar) she still finds all the relatable points in parenting and motherhood, and will make you laugh. And last, my friend April co-authored this ridiculous cookbook, and it’s good to have on hand, the next time you need to prepare unicorn or Ewok for a friend who keeps kosher.

Compilations (that will make you laugh and/or cry)

Write on Edge is a writer’s linkup that has been around for a long time, and they have published three anthologies of some incredible work, and all three include many of my dear friends. The Listen to Your Mother book is actually on pre-order, it doesn’t actually release until April 7, 2015, but it is a compilation of some of the most amazing stories to have come out of the live show series over the last few years.

Make your home pretty

I’ve known Fern online for years, and she is who I go to with all plant-related questions. She wrote this book on small space and container gardening a few years ago.

Helpful for parents

Disney, tinkering, and a couple of parenting help books. Cam from Growing Up Goofy is my go-to expert for Disneyland stuff, Rachelle’s Tinkerlab is basically genius. I love Whit’s book and blog (the Honea Express), and it’s a great reference guide to have on hand. Christine of Boston Mama‘s Minimalist Parenting is a a great eye-opener for all parents.


She blogs at Karma, Continued, and her book is a lovely extension of that. I adore Jenny’s way with words and would probably read a cereal box if she wrote it.


Jessica, who blogs at It’s My Life, is a local friend and social media pro, and she wrote this novel that I’ve heard great things about… it’s on my To Read list, but I haven’t gotten to it yet. I’m looking forward to it though!

Have you written a book, or are you part of a published compilation? Leave a link in the comments and I’ll add it above!

Happy Reading!

It’s never too early to think about college.

This post is sponsored by ScholarShare and One 2 One Network. All content and opinons are my own.


I swear, Max was just born a year ago. And then a few months ago, he started talking, and was in preschool last week.
I don’t need to tell you how quickly our kids are growing up, how it seems like they go from “Mama!” one day to “Hey mom, can I borrow the car?” in the blink of an eye.

While it can be a challenge to live in the moment and appreciate each day, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t acknowledge and plan for *deep breath* The Future. I’m not talking about next year’s birthday party, or saving for a big family vacation, I’m talking about college.

Because in no time at all, a photo of Max in a cap and gown won’t just be because OMG THIS IS THE MOST ADORABLE THING ON THE PLANET!

max grad photo

Because before any of us know it, he will tower over me, with a deep voice and scruffy chin that scratches the cheek when he hugs me.

Because in the blink of an eye, we’ll be launching him into the world, very nearly a man.

College is expensive; there’s no denying that. I paid $525 per unit for my private college classes, and that was *ahem* 15 or so years ago. Plus books, and supplies, and lab fees and dorms and meal plans. We need to think about today what we want to offer tomorrow.

ScholarShare’s 529 savings plan is a great way to help us reach those goals. Slow and steady wins the race, right?

ScholarShare makes it easy to help save for your child’s future education; some plan advantages include:

  • State and federal income tax deferral on any earnings
  • Withdrawls for qualified higher education expenses are state and federal income tax free.
    *Withdrawls that are not used for qualified expenses may be subject to federal income tax and any applicable state income tax, as well as an additional 10% federal and 2.5% CA tax on earnings.
  • For use at many schools nationwide and abroad – undergraduate and graduate programs, community colleges, and trade schools
  • Low minimum contribution of just $25 and a high maximum account balance
  • A low, annual, asset-based fee and no annual account maintenance fee
  • Family and friends can contribute as well

Jamie and I really like the flexibility a 529 allows, including trade schools as well as traditional colleges. Neither of us had the traditional “go away to college and live in a dorm” experience, so if Max decides that it isn’t want he wants, we can still use these funds for other higher education options he may consider.

$66,676 or $55,092? (More is better!)

As an example, the benefits of tax-free growth potential comes to a difference of nearly $12,000. As a hypothetical, look at the growth of a $2000 contribution, made at the beginning of each year for 18 years. It assumes there are no withdrawls of contributions and earnings, a 30% combined tax rate (state, federal and local), and a 6% annual investment return.
These results are presented for illustrative purposes only and do not reflect past performance or guarantee future performance. These do not include any reduction for expenses.

The gist of it is this: It’s never too early to think about college, and something is better than nothing. Even if you only contribute a small amount, why not get that money to work in the best possible way for you?

Because the next time we take this photo, when Max graduates high school instead of preschool, we want him, and his college fund, to be ready.

preschool grad family

Want to learn more about ScholarShare?


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