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Simple Strawberry Sauce featuring @FarmboxSF and @Tillamook #IceCreamCraving

disclosureTillamook ice cream and farmboxsf berriesTillamook ice cream is one of our favorites (Well really Tillamook anything, but especially ice cream! Did you know they’ve been making it since 1947? I feel like I’ve missed out since I just discovered it a couple of years ago!) so when their delicious ice cream is paired with fresh, organic berries from FarmboxSF, it’s sure to be a winner.

I received both strawberries and blackberries from FarmboxSF, but I have to be honest. They didn’t all make it from (from my office, where I had them delivered) Fresh northern California blackberries are the taste of my childhood, so once I started eating them (I had to quality check them, you know) there was just no stopping me.

I love how easy FarmboxSF makes it to get local, organic produce brought right to my door… it showed up well-packaged and fresh and was just waiting to decorate the amazing ice cream we got from Tillamook.

farmboxsf strawberry

I chose to make the strawberries into a simple sauce topping for our ice cream; I love how it dripped and filled every nook and cranny of my scoops, making the perfect end-of-summer berry filled treat! fresh strawberry sauce farmboxsf Fresh & Simple Strawberry Sauce

  • 2 pints strawberries, hulled and sliced
  • 1/2 c. sugar (or more to taste)
  • Juice from ½ a lemon
  • Glug of triple sec (that’s a scientific measurement, BTW)

Place strawberries into saucepan, turn heat to medium.
Sprinkle with ½ C. sugar, stir
Cook down until liquid
Add lemon juice and triple sec
Taste, add sugar as desired

Let cool and use to top anything that would be improved by some strawberry deliciousness. (So, ANYTHING)

Store in airtight container, will keep in fridge for a couple of weeks (Not that it will last that long!)

strawberry suace

Connect with Tillamook on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and their website.

Find FarmboxSF on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and their website. FarmboxSF delivers baskets of fresh seasonal fruits and veggies, prepared meals, organic grains, and even specialty items like gluten-free foods.

Old Things I Love #1 – Kodak Brownie Holiday camera

My friend Brandi challenged me to do a series of 5 videos this week, so I decided to finally jump into this series that I’ve been thinking about starting. (Seriously; I’ve had this idea rolling around in my head for years!)
I’ll be posting a new video every day this week, and then while I’ll keep doing these “Old Things I Love” videos, I can’t do them daily.
So here’s “Old Things I Love #1: Kodak Brownie Holiday Camera”

Homemade R2D2 costume for kids #DIY #StarWars

Built on a trash can, this homemade R2D2 costume will be the hit of any Halloween party!
When Max told us he wanted to be R2D2 for Halloween, we knew that it was going to have to be a homemade R2D2 costume for sure. Jamie has a history of getting ridiculously crafty, just look at Thomas the train costume from two years ago, or the Death Star pinata from Max’s 5th birthday. So I shouldn’t have been surprised when he started planning this one.
r2d2eAfter doing some research, we decided that a swing-top trash can would be the way to go; we got this one on Amazon, but you might be able to find a different one that would work as well.

He used bondo to fill in the seams of the swinging part, and cut the face hole out. A bunch of silver and white spray paint, several sheets of fun foam, a couple sheets of two inch thick styrofoam for the legs, and the basic Artoo was done!

r2d22To actually get the costume wearable for Max, we bought a plain white t-shirt and hot glued it into the top of the cylinder. The shirt is a kids XL, just the right size to fill the circumference of the can. We were able to slip the t-shirt on over Max’s head, so his shoulders carried the weight, but evenly distributed across his whole torso (unlike the Thomas costume, which balanced on two thin straps on his little 4 year old shoulders!)

To help keep the helmet on his head, we hot glued a beanie into the top of the lid, so he wore the hat and it kept the helmet mostly balanced on top of his head.

I have to be honest… I’ve loved his last two costumes and how fun they’ve been to build, but they have NOT been trick or treating friendly, so I’m looking forward to this year’s Han Solo outfit. Pants and a vest? Easy.

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions about building this R2D2… I hope he *is* the droid you’re looking for!

I’ve assembled this Amazon list of most of the things you’ll need, and they are affiliate links, so I’d love if you click through to buy anything! :)