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Fashion Friday – Blog Conference Traveling

travel outfit for blog conferences
I’m so excited to be heading off to #BeachesMoms in Turks & Caicos next week! I’ve never been anywhere tropical before, and to be there with some great blogging friends AND to get to attend some amazing conference sessions? Needless to say, I’m looking forward to this trip.
This set is basically how I travel, when there are airports and blogging involved. I aim for comfortable but professional with my clothes, and I carry all of my tech with me, since I’m not going to take chances on leaving it in my checked luggage.

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Expanding our Star Wars universe with Star Wars Rebels #SparkRebellion

#SparkRebellion #CollectiveBias
cbias disclosureStar Wars Rebels DVD #sparkrebellion #shop

Around here, Star Wars is serious business. When Max was starting to get to the age where we thought he’d be ready to see the movies, Jamie insisted that we find the original theatrical releases of the original trilogy for Max’s first viewings. Max has since seen all six of the movies, and we were all anxiously awaiting the release of Star Wars Rebels, a new cartoon series based in the Star Wars universe we love so much.

Max knew about the upcoming Star Wars Rebels from talking to kids at school and ads we’d seen on TV, so he was thrilled when I told him that we were going to be able to get the premier of it, Spark Rebellion, on DVD to keep. Exclusively available at Walmart from now until Oct. 13, he couldn’t wait to get home and rip it open and watch it, and brought his favorite pool noodle lightsaber into the store, just in case we happened upon the Imperial Army in the shampoo aisle or something.

Star Wars Rebels instore at Walmart #sparkrebellion #shopAlong with the new cartoon series, there’s a whole bunch of awesome new toy and dress-up options to go with Star Wars Rebels; as much as Max would love the amazingly gigantic Rebels Millennium Falcon, we already have a giant Millenium Falcon toy! They also had a cool Star Wars Command Destroyer, but in the end we chose two smaller sets of action figures, the Final Battle and Sandtrooper Strike sets.
Star Wars Command toys #sparkrebellion #shopWhen we finally got home from the Walmart trip, Max was torn between playing with the new toys and watching the movie. (Mean mom that I am, I made Max wait until after we went swimming at a friend’s house in the afternoon! I know, I don’t know how he survives!)
He wanted to prepare for the viewing, and unsure what that meant exactly, I told him that was fine. Next thing I knew, he’d set up a whole theater’s worth of toys alongside him on the sofa to watch the movie.
Max prepping to watch Star Wars Rebels #sparkrebellion #shop

I hadn’t realized it when we picked them, but the Command sets we chose are more than just Star Wars-shaped army men, they’re actually a little game, where some of the vehicles roll and crash into the “armies” and knock them down. Nothing like a little rivalry to bring father and son together, right?

Playing with Star Wars command #sparkrebellion #shop

Another cool thing about the DVD is that it included, much to my surprise, a paper model of the “Ghost,” one of the ships from the show. It requires glue and patience, but looks really cool once it’s done! Max and Jamie did it together, and it turned out awesome.

Star Wars Rebels Ghost model kit #sparkrebellion #shop

Max showing Star Wars Rebels Ghost model #sparkrebellion #shop

I think that Spark Rebellion, which has a run time of about 45 minutes, is well on its way to being a family favorite… perfect for when we don’t have time for a whole movie. Have you checked it out yet? What do you think about Star Wars outside of the original trilogy?

Fashion Friday – Pirate Party

pirate party costume look(Affiliate links) Calvin Klein Chevron maxi skirt | Seemingly Sew top in red | Day Train Heel in Crimson
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I’m heading off to Social Media on the Sand in a couple of weeks, and I can’t wait for the pirate-themed pool party we’re having one night! A friend passed on her chevron maxi skirt, and I just knew that pairing it with red would be just the look I wanted. I can’t even with the shark tote bag… how perfect is it for a seafaring scoundrel (with style)

Fashion Friday – Navy and Gold for work

I’ve recently gotten hooked on Polyvore, thanks to the fabulous Emily from Colorado Moms, and I’ve been wanting to start doing a little more fashion-y stuff for a while now, so I’m going to try (note: TRY) to do a “Fashion Friday) series here on the blog.
My first attempt at Polyvore-ing is this navy and gold outfit. It’s one of my favorite color combos for this time of year, so it seemed a great place to start!
navy and gold outfit for work
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Simple Strawberry Sauce featuring @FarmboxSF and @Tillamook #IceCreamCraving

disclosurefresh strawberry sauce farmboxsf

Tillamook ice cream is one of our favorites (Well really Tillamook anything, but especially ice cream! Did you know they’ve been making it since 1947? I feel like I’ve missed out since I just discovered it a couple of years ago!) so when their delicious ice cream is paired with fresh, organic berries from FarmboxSF, it’s sure to be a winner.

Tillamook ice cream and farmboxsf berries

I received both strawberries and blackberries from FarmboxSF, but I have to be honest. They didn’t all make it from my office (where I had them delivered). Fresh northern California blackberries are the taste of my childhood, so once I started eating them (I had to quality check them, you know) there was just no stopping me.

I love how easy FarmboxSF makes it to get local, organic produce brought right to my door… it showed up well-packaged and fresh and was just waiting to decorate the amazing ice cream we got from Tillamook.

farmboxsf strawberry

I chose to make the strawberries into a simple sauce topping for our ice cream; I love how it dripped and filled every nook and cranny of my scoops, making the perfect end-of-summer berry filled treat! fresh strawberry sauce farmboxsf Fresh & Simple Strawberry Sauce

  • 2 pints strawberries, hulled and sliced
  • 1/2 c. sugar (or more to taste)
  • Juice from ½ a lemon
  • Glug of triple sec (that’s a scientific measurement, BTW)

Place strawberries into saucepan, turn heat to medium.
Sprinkle with ½ C. sugar, stir
Cook down until liquid
Add lemon juice and triple sec
Taste, add sugar as desired

Let cool and use to top anything that would be improved by some strawberry deliciousness. (So, ANYTHING)

Store in airtight container, will keep in fridge for a couple of weeks (Not that it will last that long!)

strawberry suace

Connect with Tillamook on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and their website.

Find FarmboxSF on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and their website. FarmboxSF delivers baskets of fresh seasonal fruits and veggies, prepared meals, organic grains, and even specialty items like gluten-free foods.