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Things for back to school: a to-do list

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I probably shouldn’t call it “back to” school, since it’s my first fall as a mom of student, and Max’s first time, but “Back to School” evokes feelings that just “First Ever Time at School” doesn’t.
So back to school it is.
Things to do before Sept. 4, when I will (probably tearfully) drop Max off for the first day of a (hopefully) long (and hopefully successful!) academic career.

  • Turn in all that paperwork for said school. I’m pretty sure our first mortgage didn’t require as much paperwork!
  • Buy a new outfit: He doesn’t care, I do. I have the money, I win. (Prediction: New outfit will be pirate-related. I’ll let you know if I’m right)
  • Find a blanket: He needs a blanket to keep in his cubby for quiet time. He isn’t going to leave his Blanket (capital B) there, so we need to find an acceptable substitute. I also mentioned this morning that he might not be able to take Blue Dog with him to the new school, and he kind of lost his s—, so I’ll have to address that as well. (Suggestions? Every time he talks about school now, he says that he’s sad Blue Dog can’t go with him and he starts crying… I’m at a loss)
  • Pictures to take: Oh, Pinterest! There are 2 that I know I want to do: Him standing on the front stoop with his backpack on the first day, looking adorable and grown-up. Also, him holding a sign saying “I’m a Preschooler” (stole this from my friend Ann Marie and I’ve always loved it!) Make mental note: On the last day of school, order an 8×10 print of the 1st day of school photo and have him hold it, then take photo, for comparison purposes. So cute, right?
  • School Supplies: I don’t know if he/we need to buy anything supplies-wise for the school, or if everything’s taken care of. I’ll have to address this when I do the registration stuff, I suppose. But I’m putting it on the list, just so it’s here and I remember to review it at a later time.

I think that’s it, right? It’s “just” preschool.

Tell me, mamas, what am I missing?

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Lucinda July 26, 2012, 5:47 pm

Some suggestions:
1) Take a pic of blue dog and he can keep it in his lunch box or cubby
2) Have blue dog go to his own school – when Max leaves in the morning, he can st blue dog up with a book and blue dog will be waiting for him when he gets home
3) Ask Max if he has ideas about how to get through this
4) Have practice sessions before school starts so Max can get used to be without him
5) Let him grieve – it is how he will come to terms with this loss – you will be doing the same thing the day you leave him in school but you have learned how to live with your own blue dog – this is what growing up is.

Tania July 26, 2012, 8:30 pm

An awesome new lunch box and backpack of his choice. And indoor shoes, maybe? Cole had to have them.

Stephanie Burrage July 27, 2012, 1:29 pm

I like the suggestions Lucinda gave you, especially giving him a picture of blue dog. Maybe Max can leave blue dog by the front door just like you would a pet dog. That way he is waiting for him the minute he gets home…..just like a pet dog would.

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