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Thursday #210

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The hardworking, newly four-year old Max works diligently on his tablet… they’re taking over, you know! (Tablets, not four-year olds.)

Featuring a bow tie from the “Daddy Made it From Duct Tape” collection, pinstripe shirt by Circo, and tablet by Samsung.

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Megan April 20, 2012

Oh I LOVe that first pose! Cute!

Lizz April 24, 2012

Total luck, I swear!

kristin vanness April 20, 2012

I’m not sure that first pic could get any cuter!

Lizz April 24, 2012

Right? He’s ridiculous.
(Hope you’re feeling better, my dear!)

Kir April 23, 2012

oh my sweet heart…that little boy is just beautiful Lizz.

I LOVE his Tie!!!

Lizz April 24, 2012

I keep trying to get him to wear it again, but he won’t. Sigh.

Nichole April 24, 2012

So stinkin’ cute!

Lizz April 24, 2012

Thanks! We like him.

Elaine A. April 24, 2012

Happy belated Birthday to your little guy.

I think my 4 year old MIGHT be trying to take over, btw.

Cute photos, LOVE the tie!! :D

Lizz April 24, 2012

Thank you, lovely! I miss you, BTW!

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